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Changes in retail after the use of electronic price tags

Changes in retail after the use of electronic price tags

Issue Time:2021/02/17
Electronic shelf labels give you complete control over pricing while eliminating all the common sources of errors that can occur between the checkout system and the store shelves.Because the prices on the shelves come directly from the store's cash register system, customers always see the same prices on the shelves as when they check out.This builds confidence and helps maintain good customer relationships.
Pricing digitalization is just one part of what the system does for you.Pricing can now be optimized on a daily basis, creating a better shopping experience for customers and providing new opportunities for employees to optimize their work in the store.Many retailers see the possibility of automatic price changes as the biggest benefit
The Sertag electronic shelf tag, which blinks green when it receives a special order or task, helps customers and employees find items in the warehouse.

Interactivity with the customer, the solution can provide additional product information, such as pictures and videos, to the customer on the label.This information can be
It can also be transferred to a customer's smartphone.Employees can receive updates and notifications with instructions from shelf labels, such as when products need to be refilled.
Click and collect, and with Sertag's ESL, store employees can use the system to generate bills of lading and collect ordered products more efficiently, as the system helps employees locate products in the store.
As a result, digital shelf labels can change prices in the store in seconds.We can save a lot of time and resources when we don't have to manually change labels./pid18195725/4-2-inch-full-colors-wireless-transmission-esl-e-ink-2-4g-epaper-esl.htm

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