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Q:How many times we can use ESL management software?

Q:How many times we can use ESL management software?
Update Time:2019-10-08
we have two type method electronic shelf label system to support you. The first, you can purchase our ESL management software(this is a complete  storage system)  , we called “estorage "or “eretail”, This is a local version, but it is also available for cloud version. So, you need to buy licenses for every customer. For the other way, you can buy digital price tags demo kit , it include software and hardware (demo tool software (not the ESL management)and SDK data package;  AP stations (Send and receive information) and a few warehouse(retail) tags). I suggest you had better choose demo kit solution if you are a system integrator. It can redevelopment with your system and realize the function that you need.

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