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  • The function of the Bluetooth electronic shelf labels.
    Electronic price tags takes an important role in new retail.As the new retail has moved the emerging electronic price tag market. Many companies are rushing to launch electronic price tags. Today in the cloud takes you to understand how the Bluetooth electronic price tag system works.
  • Dalian Sertag recreates overseas markets-welcomed the warm visit of Italian guests
    As a professional manufacturer of electronic shelf labels, Dalian Sertag Technology has a global business. The Sertag brand of electronic shelf label products has the most sincere service attitude, the most reliable product quality, and the most competitive product prices. Favored by overseas customers.
  • The electronic shelf label is a revolution
    Electronic shelf labels, a shelf label that uses electronic paper instead of traditional paper price tags, has now become a standard product for new retail. Electronic price tags are unmanned retail stores.
  • Electronic Shelf Label saves labor cost and improve operational efficiency
    ESL can Instead the traditional paper price tag and integrated with POS/ERP system to help save labor cost, imporve operational efficiency & store image, increase sales.
  • Electronic shelf label is to replace paper tag
    Electronic shelf label is to replace paper tag
    E-ink electronic paper display and ultra-low-power wireless networking technology provide an electronic shelf label system solution suitable for the retail industry and helps supermarkets Realize paperless management, product information management, refined inventory management, product batch and period management, to help customers save a lot of manpower costs, expired goods and other costs, increase sales, while improving the overall level of retail information technology.
  • What does an electronic shelf label consist of?
    A complete set of electronic shelf label system consists of the main computer PC, EPD screen, electronic shelf label and intelligent handheld terminal equipment.
  • How to select electronic shelf labels?
    Smart price tags and electronic shelf labels are essential price display tools in retail stores. Due to replacement, low efficiency, high labor cost and high error rate, paper price tag does not meet the needs of modern retail.
  • China electronic shelf label has bright future!
    Electronic shelf labeling system can quickly change the price and discount information of goods under the background of network. The electronic shelf label not only reduces the labor cost, but also displays the product information clearly and comprehensively.
  • China electronic shelf labels changes the future of electronics stores
    The China Electronic Shelf Label is an electronic ink display that can be placed on a shelf to replace traditional paper price tags. It can display information such as product name, origin, price, etc. (text, picture, QR code, etc.). At present, Dalian Sertag Technology Co., Ltd. has introduced 1.5-inch, 2.13-inch, 2.9-inch, 4.2-inch, 7.5-inch,12.48inch and other sizes. In order to meet the needs of various industries, we have independently developed Bluetooth, and 433 electronic price tags.
  • What are the advantages of digital price tags and what changes will it bring to new retail?
    In recent years, with the continuous development of the domestic retail industry and fierce competition environment, online and offline integration has become the consensus of the development of the entire industry. The commercial transformation and upgrading is at the right time, more and more retail giants are paying attention and Use electronic price tags to change our lives and the business environment we operate。
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