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6 features of Electronic shelf labels

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6 features of Electronic shelf labels
Issue Time:2020-05-06
 The electronic price tag, which can integrate the goods shelves into the computer program, has become the best carrier for the digitization of various retail stores. Electronic price tag systems are already being used in some retail stores.
So what constitutes an electronic shelf labeling system that enables the digitization of retail stores? Today, the editor introduces the electronic price tag system with the sertag electronic price tag system in the cloud as an example to deepen your understanding of the electronic price tag system.
The ESL electronic price tag system is composed of three parts: a sertag electronic price tag, a wireless transmission base station bluetooth smart gateway g1-d, and an operating system yinli smart retail platform. These three sections are described in detail by the following editors.

Electronic price tag is the core hardware of electronic price tag system. Sertag USES low-power bluetooth 5.0 technology to develop, connect, and encrypt data transmissions to prevent him from maliciously modifying what appears on the price tag screen. It can be used in traditional supermarkets and fresh food. Supermarkets, unmanned supermarkets, 3C electronics stores, cosmetics stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, maternity and child stores and other retail stores
The Sertag electronic price tag has the following six characteristics:
one Fast refresh: faster refresh speed, can complete the refresh of 20,000 electronic price tags within 30 minutes;
2. LED function: red, blue and green LED lights, easy to display different status of the price tag, such as promotion, low inventory;
3. High-quality display screen: with high-quality electronic paper screen, the screen can choose a variety of colors, typesetting can be customized editing, support a variety of languages; The font is smooth and clear, without language limitation, and the visual Angle of the screen is close to 180 degrees, which makes the display better
Four. Good user experience: two-dimensional code, bar code, NFC to achieve online and offline interaction, to give customers a better shopping experience;
5. NFC function: support NFC function, can change the price or pay in the near field operation;
6. Low power, long life: based on low power bluetooth 5.0 technology, and using ultra-low power electronic paper screen, static work almost zero power; Button battery power supply, stable voltage, continuous power supply, 5 times a day refresh frequency, the battery can be used for more than 5 years, the battery can also be replaced.
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