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Retail Electronic Shelf labels

Retail Electronic Shelf labels Solution

  • Digital shelf label size: 1.54″, 2.13″,2.66", 2.9″, 4.2″, 5.8",7.5″, 11.6″
  • Technology: 2.4G/433 MHz wireless network technology, E-ink display. Refresh 20 thousands tags /one hour/ap .3-5 years life time, battery can be replaced quickly.ESL management system
  • Working Principle: Real-time display the latest contents ,match CRM, POS, ERP management systems and docking with all kind of metholds ,such as SQL ,FTP, FILE etc.
  • Applicable areas:retail, fruit shop,pharmacy, tobacco store, supermakert and so on.
Digital Labels For Warehouse

Digital Labels For Warehouse

  • Electronic shelf label size: 2.13″, 2.9″, 4.2″, 7.5″, 10.2″
  • Technology: 2.4GHz carrier wave, encryption commnication, E-ink display, air wake uplow power consumption, 3-5 year lifetime for battery.ESL management system
  • Working Principle: System include base station (AP 2.4GHz) and ESL management.system supports web,webserver: Tomcat, Server system:JAVA,Database: Mysql
  • Applicable areas:Warehouse,industrial,industry 4.0
Digital Labels For Meeting Room

Digital Labels For Meeting Room

  • Electronic label size: 2.13″, 2.9″, 4.2″, 7.5″, 10.2″
  • Technology: 2.4G BLE , electronic E-ink screen
  • Working Principle:No base station, no server, mobile Bluetooth wireless update, Original fast scanning technology, intelligently sensing the label content to the mobile phone.
  • Applicable areas:digital table-top signs and name badges,electronic room signage systems,digital signage for conference
Digital Tags For Healthcare/Hospital

Digital Tags For Healthcare/Hospital

  • Digital price tags size: 7.5″, 10.2″
  • Technology: WIFI wireless communication, minimal deployment, remote control
  • Working Principle:Working with standard wifi protocal.Every certain period of time (the length can be set), the tag will actively ask the server if there is any data that needs to be updated, otherwise it will continue to sleep.The tag with high capacity battery and it is rechargble.
  • Applicable areas:Smart medical solution,healthcare solution ,epaper bedside card

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