Global Pioneer in Electronic Labels
Global Pioneer in Electronic Labels

The Best Electronic Shelf Labels Supplier

The Best Electronic Shelf Labels Supplier
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Sertag is a global supplier of electronic shelf labels,smart tags,location card.providing professional one-stop service for system integrators and final users.We have different electronic shelf labels solutions such as RF solution,bluetooth solution,NFC solution,WIFI solution for high-class products in healthcare, warehouse, office, retail and other consumption sectors.
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There Are Hundreds Of Companies To Choose From

Finding someone you can trust and build a long-term relationship with is a daunting task. The following is your best choice for choosing our company.
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Sertag R&D And Manufacturing Strength

Sertag has engineers and mold manufacturing team that have profound experiences in electronic design. They are fully committed to research and development. Sertag has obtained a number of patents, as well as CE, ROHS, waterproof certifications .

After years of research in the digital smart tags industry, has successfully developed retail electronic shelf labels , patrol location ble epaper tags, digital labels for warehouse,digital labels for meeting room,digital tags for healthcare/hospital and so on

In order to ensure product and performance’s continuous improvement, Sertag is looking forward to your communication and assistance in products’ optimization. Make sure that you will have better market competitiveness.

Our Attitude

We are a down-to-earth developer team, and we are committed to solving customers as the goal. Exceeding customer expectations is our service tenet.

Our Unique Capabilities

We have a full range of electronic price tag solutions, RF solution, Bluetooth solution, Wifi solution, NFC solution, so I will provide different solutions according to customer needs. At the same time, we will also provide customers with development kits so that customers have a strong experience.

Our Skills

We are experts in electronic shelf labels; we are experts in conference table cards; we are experts in warehouse price labels; we are experts in digital table cards.

Our Experience

So far, we have successfully completed more than 300 projects, including solutions for large shopping malls, conference systems, storage workshops, and libraries.

Our Quality

Quality is a word we often use. But here, we are serious. At Sertag , every project, no matter how big or small, is assigned a quality controller, who is usually another application developer who is not directly involved in the project.

Our Support

Tomorrow, we will be with you. We are not a short-lived company. We have seen other companies come and go, and we plan to stay here for many years. When our competitors succumbed under pressure, we survived the market crash and thrived. We will grow with our customers.

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