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Service And Support For Digital Tags
Professional service support (complete product information and timely after-sales service ) to make sure you have no worries after sale.Sertag always provide comprehensive, helpful and timely service. To provide customers with a good purchasing experience.


  • Sertag Provides Appropriate Solutions According To Custom Er Needs.


  • Update The Production Progress With Customers In Time To Ensure Quality And Delivery Of Order.


  • Installation Service/ERP Integration>

  • Template Customization

  • User Guide Support

  • Hardw Are Repair And Replace

Anyone Who Buys Our Products And Meets Any After-sales Problems Can Contact With Us At Any Time.

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Why Can Sertag Provide The Best Electronic Shelf Labels Solutions To You?

Superior Quality

Sertag thoughtfully crafted design and advanced testing facilities ensure best-in-class products.Sertag Provides Appropriate Solutions According To Custom Er Needs.

Full Support

A dedicated team of highly skilled technicians and engineers are on call for when ever you need them.

Small MOQ

Sertag fully considers the needs of each customer, and there is no minimum order quantity limit. Evenif only one piece is needed, itcan be custom ized for production.

Unparalleled Expertise

With many years of electronic she lf labels, digital tags experiences.

Fast Producing

Sertag has a strong manufacturers to ensure capacity

Best-in-class products

  • Pick to Light Documents

  • Electronic Shelf Labels (Esl) Technical Documents

  • Electronic Labels ( Esl) Solutions Introduction

  • Electronic Shelf Labels (Esl) Specification

  • SETP_Label_V13 System Developer's Manual V1.2

    Apr 10,2024
  • Pick To Light System-SETP_Label_V13.pdf

    Apr 10,2024
  • SETP_Label_V3 System Developer's Manual.pdf

    Apr 10,2024
  • Pick To Light System-SETP_Label_V3

    Apr 10,2024
  • Developer’s Manual of SETP_Label_V14

    Apr 10,2024
  • Pick To Light System-SETP_Label_V14

    Apr 10,2024
  • SETP_Label_V10 System Developer's Manual

    Apr 10,2024
  • Pick To Light System-SETP_Label_V10

    Apr 10,2024

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