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How Much Do Electronic Labels Cost?

To make a budget for ordering electronic labels, it is important to understand the application fields of digital smart tags, and decide different solutions for electronic labels according to different application fields. Basic range: the cost of tags is 5-50usd, the cost of base station is 150-400usd, and the cost of software is 800-1500usd Welcome to consult our service personnel, we will give you an accurate quotation according to your needs
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Don't Compare Cheap Electronic Labels Costs Online

To calculate an ESL quote you need to consider several variables:
  • Application areas of electronic labels
  • Can the electronic labels be available for a long time?
  • Do the digital tags have relevant certification?
  • Whether there is technical service team support
  • Are there some typical customer cases in the world?

There May Be Cheaper Electronic Labels On The Website, But When You Buy Them.

They were found that the performance of the product did not meet the requirements originally promised. These seriously affect your shopping experience and also extend the development cycle of your R&D team.

Therefore, it is recommended that when purchasing samples, you must communicate with the supplier about the characteristics of the relevant products and confirm whether there is a professional service team to serve you.

Why Don't You Show The Average Price For Electronic Labels On Your Website?

The second question we were asked was our requirement, what is the reason why you don't show the price on your website?

Depending on the application field, the choice of electronic labels also different. Because we need to give you more professional application solutions according to your specific needs.

Beware Of Suppliers Who Offer Electronic Labels Prices Before You See Your Detailed Needs.

The quotation of electronic labels should be quoted according to the needs of customers and specific applications. The prices of in different application fields are also different. Be sure to choose a solution that suits you.

What Are Your Top Selling Products Right Now? In Which Field Is It Mainly Used? What Is The Price?

With the continuous improvement of the product performance of digital smart tags, we have launched BLE electronic shelf labels based on 2.4G, which can be used in supermarkets, conferences and industrial signage. For more information, please contact us or click the link

How Much Does It Cost To Order BLE 2.4g Electronic Tags?

Ble electronic shelf label is the main promotion of Sertag, its advantages:
  • The product size is complete 1.54inch 2.13inch ,2.66inch ,2.9inch ,4.2inch and 7.5inch
  • According to different use environments, there are product freezer electronic price tags, IP67 waterproof price tags.
  • There are also certain advantages in cost. According to the size of the digital price tag, the price is different, and the price range is between 5-50usd

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