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Your Technical Consultation

Helping customer find the right electronic labels solution is our mission

We are an electronic labels factory with many years of rich experience, We are an electronic labels factory with many years of experience, and we have more than 300 partners around the world, so we can work with you with confidence.

​First of all, we will provide matching solutions according to your application scenarios. From pre-sales to after-sales, we provide free online technical service consultation, and our technical documents are free for your reference.
Secondly, as a professional manufacturer of electronic labels, we can provide a complete electronic labels system solution for end user, and also provide docking documents and the related documents for system integration.
At last , in order to give you a comprehensive understanding of our products, as long as you purchase our hardware products, we provide free cloud platform software for you to use

How We Are Making Our Service Safer For Everyone

ESL customer cooperation security

Our Cooperation Security:

When making a request with you, we must first confirm your order, purchasing, delivery, payment terms, and then send you the correct product samples according to your confirmed business specifications. After receiving your feedback on the quality, we will receive your advance payment and start arranging production. In production, we will report your order anytime. After production, we will issue the required documents and data. Finally, we will arrange to send the relevant customs clearance documents after receiving the final payment.

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Information Security:

In the process of cooperating with you, we will not disclose any information about our cooperation to anyone without your permission.

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Our Cooperation Security:

Proposals for job opportunities or mandates that are worn from outside to the area are safely handled by our clerk's office at work, during work, and while at work.

Product samples will be thoroughly sterilized before being sent to you.

Our employees will be equipped with protective clothing such as protective gloves and masks, and will be sanitized before starting work.

Our offices are sanitized every day after get off work.

As required by the government, our diplomats will be regularly tested for COVID-19.

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