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Blueltooth Electronic Shelf Labels

Retail Electronic Shelf labels Solution

Retail electronic shelf labels provide customers with up-to-date information and useful data. With ESL solutions, retailers can more intelligently adapt their business to customer needs, while providing more service and customer connections. For merchants to obtain greater profits, but also effectively improve customer satisfaction.

Electronic Paper Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse

Pick-up by light digital smart tags The use of Pick-by-light system not only improves the labor efficiency but also effectively improves the accuracy. When a product is labeled with electronic labels , pickers can immediately see a flashing label light above or below the item that needs to be picked. When an item is selected, the light will turn off and the ESL of the next item will start blinking. Pick lights can be seen even from a distance, alerting pickers and identifying items faster. Mobile devices display order information such as item quantity and description - freeing pickers to collect items. Productivity increases around 15-30% when using the blinking feature. In the era of Industry 4.0, picking up goods by light via electronic shelf labels has become a trend.

Digital Signage For Meeting Room

Room eink digital signage and office eink digital signage are easy way to manage meeting spaces and show up-to-date schedules in real time. Connect to your calendar, meeting booking system or other data source, and digital meeting room signs are automatically updated over the wireless network. Room signage is perfect for offices, meeting rooms, schools and universities, hospitals, apartments, personal house numbers and more.

Digital Tags For Healthcare/Hospital

Electronic shelf labels and base stations  of Dalian Sertag Technology Co.,Ltd  using wireless communication, button battery, long life
Convenient installation, simple and beautiful
 Three-color indicator light, quickly find the target
Provide drug batch management and expiration date management function to avoid drug expiration
Improve the efficiency of drug warehousing, delivery and inventory, and ensure the correctness of inventory

Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps

Sertag's electronic labels system transmits data to the electronic tags via an Android phone;The label displays the product information to realize the real-time update of the product information.

Refreshed By Smartphone, Comes With Android APP, As Easy As Swiping A Credit Card. Supported Smart Phones,Most Android Phones With NFC Function Are Supported, Some Tested And Confirmed Devices Are Listed Below (Include But Not Limited To)

2.4G Electronic Shelf Labels

  2.4G BLE Esl Electronic Shelf Label solution  :2.4G  carrier wave, encryption commnicationReceive the data information from the router, and analyse it, and then update it.Wireless communication distance 30m.Wireless communication speed 50/250kbps.Customized duplex communication protocol, security warranted.Software and Hardware data calibrationLow power consumption, 5 years working lifetime normally.Batteries changable.Matrix EPD, different sizes. Smart scanning for pair, DIY display content. Working Temperature: 0~50℃; -15~10℃. Strong penetration to barriers

Wifi Electronic Shelf Labels

Wifi electronic shelf labels :Every certain period of time (the length can be set), the tag will actively ask the server if there is any data that needs to be updated, if it is updated, otherwise it will continue to sleep

Electronic Shelf Labels Gateway

Api interface electornic shelf labels,  SDK electronic shelf labels , Api interface digital price tags , SDK digital price tags,Wireless e-price tag  AP station,digital price tags  AP station,electronic shelf label access points 

Patrol Location BLE Epaper Tags

1. Dynamic QR code display for equipment inspection;
2. The main goal is to prevent the on-site personnel from cheating in patrol
inspection and ensure that they check in on the site;
3. Dynamic QR code can be automatically generated. The rule is that a fixed
string can be automatically added to the time frame and generate a QR code, and a new
QR code can be generated with the change of time. The QR code can be changed
regularly, such as setting 3600s to change once (cycle setting can be adjusted
manually), The content of the displayed QR code is "fixed string (pick0009) + time
For example: pick000920210601190705, the next hour after the QR code switch
display, the scan is: pick00092021061200710 (this is hour level change);
4. Modify and set the configuration data through android app;
5. Prompt of remaining power;
6. The minimum standby time is not less than 18 months when the interval is 1
7. The time of the tag can be synchronized on the mobile terminal, and the time
synchronization can be performed once through the app after the battery is replaced.

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