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Electronic Paper Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse

Electronic Paper Tags Pick To Light For Warehouse

Pick-up by light digital smart tags
The use of Pick-by-light system not only improves the labor efficiency but also effectively improves the accuracy. When a product is labeled with electronic labels , pickers can immediately see a flashing label light above or below the item that needs to be picked. When an item is selected, the light will turn off and the ESL of the next item will start blinking.
Pick lights can be seen even from a distance, alerting pickers and identifying items faster. Mobile devices display order information such as item quantity and description - freeing pickers to collect items.
Productivity increases around 15-30% when using the blinking feature. In the era of Industry 4.0, picking up goods by light via electronic shelf labels has become a trend.
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    Sertag electronic shelf labels 
   Sertag pick to light  system is a logistics auxiliary operation system developed using advanced electronic technology and communication technology. It is usually used in the sorting process of warehousing or modern logistics centers. It has fast picking speed, high efficiency, low error rate, and paperless , Standardized operating characteristics. As an advanced operation method, the electronic label assisted picking system is more efficient when used in conjunction with a warehouse management system (WMS) or other logistics management systems.
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Benefits of Sertag  Pick to Light  
Improve operation speed and quality

Quickly and Easy deployment

Realize paperless and standardized operation

Reduce operator training time

Reduce labor costs, management costs, etc.

Technology integrations

Improved performance

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Technical FAQ

We are using SAP software in our company. We want to use these buttons with SAP. If it possible ?

 Of course.Some customers using SAP have connected with our pick to light system,we also can provide some technical support for you .

If it's possible we want to try these electronic warehouse labels with buttons as demo ?

Of course .but we need detail  requirements from you ,and we will provide the suitable pick to light demo for you.
If we  want to use buttons electronic warehouse labels without cables what’s the battery life?
If you choose electronic warehouse labels with button function ,the battery life is more than 2 years.
If you choose electronic warehouse labels with display function, the battery life is  more than 1 year

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