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Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps Application

The application of Sertag smart tags are everywhere. For example; digital price tags, digital shelf labels, industrial signage or room signage systems in different areas
Different Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps Solutions
According to your needs , we can provide the electronic shelf labels system and hardwares for you to realize the function

Bluetooth Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps Solution

How Do Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps Work ?

Sertag's electronic labels system transmits data to the electronic tags via an Android phone;The label displays the product information to realize the real-time update of the product information.

Demo Kit For Bluetooth Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps



Demo kit

Api interface

NFC Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps Solution

How Do Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps Work ?

Refreshed By Smartphone, Comes With Android APP, As Easy As Swiping A Credit Card. Supported Smart Phones,Most Android Phones With NFC Function Are Supported, Some Tested And Confirmed Devices Are Listed Below (Include But Not Limited To)

Demo Kit For Nfc Electronic Shelf Labels Mobile Apps


Sdk Datapackage

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We have cooperated with Serteg in many projects. This is a young and creative team. Their sales and R&D personnel are very professional, and they have their own unique insights into the electronic label industry. Because of their products and solutions, we have won praise from customers in many projects. Working with Sertag is great!

Franco Moriti

Sertag sales and engineers are very enthusiastic. They always take action on my problems and provide solutions at the first time. I am very grateful to their professional work and expert team. If you have a need for high-quality electronic shelf labels, Sertag is a good choice

Luis Santos

This is just a brief description, thank you for your consistently high-quality technical support staff. I have needed help several times recently, and each service is pleasant, enthusiastic and imaginative, which left a very deep impression on me. Hope that many other companies will replicate your model well, fast, efficient, and I dare say interesting services.

Helen Le-Bon

I purchased Sertag's ESLs demo kit last week, and their team quickly and smoothly assisted me in completing the docking work and answered my questions in time, even on weekends. Their offer is very competitive. I would recommend Sertag to anyone who needs electronic shelf labels.

Sherif Badwy

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