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What are the five main variables of the new retail label for bluetooth electronic shelf labels?

What are the five main variables of the new retail label for bluetooth electronic shelf labels?

Issue Time:2019/10/21
  In 2019, it can be said that the new retail market has been surging. Many companies rely on the wind to make a fortune, but many companies are falling in the sky, and several families are very happy. Looking forward to 2019, the entire business landscape is quite interesting. However, with regard to the development of new retail in 2020, there are still five issues that need to be answered by the industry.
1. How will the new retail giant change?
In the lineup, foreign veteran Wal-Mart and Carrefour, as well as Yonghui Tongtong belong to the Tencent team, so Tencent may be more prosperous. But Alibaba is a retailer with a variety of retail-focused businesses. When there is a bottleneck in online traffic, Ali's urgency for offline traffic is no less than Tencent.
Therefore, we can predict that under the leadership of Ali, can the traditional merchants under the Ali system complete the transformation in the new retail reform? In addition, the current box is already in a profitable state. Perhaps in the new year, Ali will carry out the transformation of RT-Mart in the box.
In the 2017 China Supermarket Top 100 list, China Resources Vanguard ranked first, Kangcheng Investment's RT-Mart ranked second, and Wal-Mart ranked third. Among them, RT-Mart's tax-included sales in 2017 was 95.4 billion yuan, and Wal-Mart China's tax-included sales were 80.278 billion yuan. The gap between the two is not too big. However, under the guidance of Ali, coupled with the high penetration rate of the hypermarket in the country, if it can be integrated into the fresh mode of the box horse, it is not impossible to open the distance with the followers of Wal-Mart.
But then again, under the leadership of Tencent, which has Internet genes, we will use WeChat's more than 1 billion users to turn to traditional Super, especially Wal-Mart. Maybe Wal-Mart China will surpass RT-Mart in the future, or even worse. The status of China Resources Vanguard is not impossible to be blocked. It is not impossible to stand in the first place directly. Since WeChat has completely penetrated into national life, people are still willing to accept a series of marketing activities launched by WeChat, such as the promotion of WeChat applet. Therefore, after Wal-Mart, Carrefour, and Yonghui access Tencent, many WeChat users can foresee the future.
  However, in any case, the new retail model will be divided by Tencent and Ali in the next few years, and there should be no change in the short term. However, under the reform of Tencent and Ali, Tencent's supermarket department is more eye-catching, or the Ali supermarket department is more eye-catching. They are all uncertain. After all, Tencent and Ali's teaching materials are different. This war led by the giant changed the traditional Shang Dynasty. In 2019, the deer died Tencent, or the deer died Ali hand? We will wait and see.
2. Can the new retail reform direction be unified?
Sharing a set of interesting data, the total retail sales of consumer goods in China in 2017 was 36.6 trillion yuan, of which 85% were offline sales and 15% were online sales. Therefore, although e-commerce is in full swing, it is actually Make money online. Big head. Therefore, traditional e-commerce is thinking about how to combine the lost demographic dividends offline, while offline physical retailing actively embraces the Internet, hoping to use external forces to prevent itself from being eliminated too quickly.
However, whether it is an Internet giant or a traditional retailer, the concept of new retail is different. Since the industry does not have a fixed direction, what kind of market model is new retail? No one can explain clearly, which makes many people vaguely believe that the direction of new retail is online and offline giants and merchants. Combine.
In addition, many opinions have begun to conclude that “new retail is a deep integration of O2O”, “new retail is a system that uses traditional technology to drive traditional retail”, and “new retail is a big data, smart logistics, artificial intelligence project” in conclusion. Service retail"...
Or you can temporarily define it as a new, new, consumer-friendly model that you haven't seen before. For example, the "food + supermarket + O2O" model represented by the super-food variety of box horse, or Jingdong home, Wal-Mart multi-point mall distribution, daily fresh home mode.
Third, the loss, collapse into a normal state, in the future can turn losses into profit?
Despite Ali's box horse fresh industry breakthrough in the new retail model, according to the box horse CEO, the store has more than 1.5 years of box horse fresh food storage single storage flat effect more than 50,000 yuan, a single store sells more than 80 million per day yuan.
However, there are some examples in this industry. Yonghui will burn money to invest in super-species, but in the end, Yonghui will be excluded because of the continued disappearance of super-species. The data shows that Yonghui Yunchuang’s loss in the first three quarters of 2018 reached 617 million yuan.
Many new retailers of “supermarket + catering” have become “martyrs”. For example, the new retail network red enterprise has been exposed to five stores in 11 months of development, and Fuhua has established another new species D5 kitchen has been closed for less than half a year.
In addition, Gome issued a profit warning on August 3. As a result of the strategic transition period, Gome's sales revenue is expected to decline by about 9% year-on-year, with an estimated loss of 380-480 million yuan.
In addition, in 2017, Alibaba invested more than $20 billion to acquire RT-Mart, but changed its board of directors in less than three months. Despite the support of Ali, RT-Mart is still at the stage of testing new retail advantages.
Therefore, overall, the new retail answer in 2018 is not very satisfactory. An important reason may be that the new retail reform is still in its infancy, and it may be normal for companies to classify losses as trial and error costs. The confusion of 2018 still exists in 2019. In the future, companies participating in new retail will have a qualitative leap in 2019, and each company needs to control its strategic layout.
4. Are there new breakthroughs in technology and experience in new retail?
Without the high-speed Internet dividend of users, the growth rate of e-commerce has slowed down noticeably. Compared with online, the offline scene experience seems to gradually improve the real life experience of consumers in quality life, making consumers more likely to form brand awareness for offline brands.
So we saw a phenomenon, the market has more and more "unmanned" sales models, there are unmanned containers, unmanned supermarkets and so on. In the process of accepting services such as shops, smart restaurants, big data orders, and AI face payment, people's perception of technology consumption has been refreshed. There is also a drone distribution system that can replace the courier. For example, brands such as Jingdong and Superspecies have begun to use drones.
But then, this requires strong technology accumulation and investment.

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