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The function of the lbuetooth electronic shelf labels.

The function of the lbuetooth electronic shelf labels.

Issue Time:2019/12/12
  Bluetooth electronic price tags takes an important role in new retail. As new retail has moved the emerging electronic price tag market. Many companies are rushing to launch electronic price tags. Today in the cloud takes you to understand how the Bluetooth electronic price tag system works.
  The bluetooth digital price tag system consists of three parts: an  price tag, a Bluetooth smart gateway, and an electronic price tag management cloud platform.
  The Bluetooth esl can replace the traditional paper price tag, which is developed using Bluetooth low energy technology. The Bluetooth electronic price tag uses a low-power electronic paper screen, which consumes almost zero power during static operation. It is powered by a CR2450 battery. It can be used for more than five years after changing the price 5 times a day. Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology. Electronic price tags using Bluetooth technology have the function of wireless transmission, which can realize remote wireless price change.
Bluetooth Smart Gateway
  The Bluetooth smart gateway is connected to the electronic price tag through Bluetooth downwards, and connected to the cloud platform through the RJ45 network port, and Unicom's electronic price tag is connected to the cloud platform. When the product needs to change the price, the management personnel perform the price change operation on the cloud platform, and then send the price change instruction to the MTag electronic price tag through the Bluetooth smart gateway. The electronic price tag automatically refreshes after receiving the instruction to complete the intelligent price change.

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