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Electronic shelf labels frees hands of supermarket employees in China

Electronic shelf labels frees hands of supermarket employees in China

Issue Time:2020/01/15
In order to attract customers in supermarkets. Some supermarkets offer discounts on holidays, weekends or weekdays. At present, the most widely used in supermarkets is the traditional paper price tag, used for the price of goods. For large supermarkets that use paper price tags, discount promotions mean massive price changes, and changing a product's price tag is a tedious and time-consuming task.
 Manual modification of the paper price tag should take at least 2 minutes. Whenever there is a sale in the supermarket, it is always the busiest time for the supermarket staff. Labeling, labeling and busyness require a lot of time and energy to complete the preparations for the promotion. 
   False price tags or missing labels can also lead to customer complaints, affect goodwill or result in administrative penalties. The traditional paper price tag cannot meet the demand of dynamic pricing promotion in supermarkets.
Market demand has driven technological advances, and electronic price tags that can replace traditional paper price tags have emerged. Electronic price tags are connected to mall databases via wired or wireless networks, and the latest product prices are displayed on the display screens of electronic shelf tags.

   China electronic shelf label manufacturers manage the background to achieve remote one-click price changes. Before the discount promotion, supermarket staff only need to change the discount price of each product on the management platform. The Sertag electronic price tag on the shelf will automatically refresh and display the new price, eliminating the need to manually change the price one by one on the shelf for real-time promotion. Electronic price tags not only enable quick, accurate, flexible and efficient product price changes, but also have built-in data validation capabilities that prevent price errors or omissions and improve customer satisfaction.

   Electronic price tags have successfully incorporated shelves into computer programs, eliminating the need for manual replacement and achieving price consistency between cash registers and shelves. The electronic shelf label  can adjust the price dynamically according to the actual situation of the product and the consumption. It can give full play to the driving effect of commodity prices on consumption, which can not only liberate the hands of supermarket employees, but also improve the work efficiency of store employees (such as price changes, delivery, etc.), which is beneficial. For businesses to reduce operating costs, improve operational efficiency, and enable consumers to obtain new shopping experience.

  In the future, as the cost of labor, paper and ink increases year by year, paper price tags may become obsolete and electronic price tags will become standard in supermarkets.

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