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Tell you how electronic shelf labels change the price

Tell you how electronic shelf labels change the price

Issue Time:2020/03/24

The electronic price tag system composed of bluetooth smart gateway and cloud platform can realize the rapid price change of the electronic price tag. The electronic price tag can be operated and changed on the cloud platform. Managers need to modify the price of the product information on the cloud platform, can be distributed to the stores of the bluetooth gateway price change orders, and then the bluetooth smart gateways will be the price of a cloud platform instruction issued to electronic price, shelves MTag is the price is the electronic label after receiving instructions, price change fast refresh electronic screens, according to the latest product price information, complete intelligent price change.
Unlike paper price tags, which require a lot of labor and time to complete price changes, electronic price tags can be changed remotely with just one click, and only one person can easily change the price of a product on a cloud platform. Improve the efficiency of price change, reduce the warehouse labor cost and operating cost.

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