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Do you want to know the cost of an electronic shelf label and its system?

Do you want to know the cost of an electronic shelf label and its system?

Issue Time:2020/04/14
Generally speaking, an intelligent price change system includes MTAG electronic price tag, base station and cloud platform. The price of the system depends on the size of the retail store and the quantity of goods sold. Today, the Editor takes 1000 square meters of retail stores as an example to introduce you to the cost of using electronic price tag system. Let's start with the most basic hardware product electronic label system. The number of items in a 1000 square meter retail store is generally about 5000, and the application of electronic price tags should be about 5000. At present, four sizes of electronic price tags are commonly used in the market, namely 1.54 inch, 2.13 inch, 2.9 inch and 4.2 inch. An average of 70 yuan, 5000 yuan about 350000 yuan, plus 50000 yuan for peripheral accessories and installation, a total of 400000 yuan is needed. Base station is the bridge between electronic price tag and cloud platform, which plays the role of upload and release. The price of a base station (Bluetooth intelligent gateway) is generally about 1000 yuan. In principle, a base station can manage about 1000 electronic tags. Considering the limitation of base station coverage and the optimization of electronic tag refresh rate, it is suitable to install 6-10 base stations in 1000 square meters retail stores. Therefore, the cost of the base station is about 10000 yuan. In addition to the electronic price tag and base station, the electronic price tag system also includes a cloud platform. Different companies charge different fees for cloud server software. The general expenses are about 10000 yuan. It is worth mentioning that the cloud platform of Yunli Wuli technology electronic price tag system is free at present. In this way, a retail store needs to use 5000 electronic price tags, and the total cost of one-time investment is about 420000 yuan. Although the input cost of traditional paper label is relatively low in the early stage, it needs to be replaced every day, which involves the consumption of manpower, time, paper and ink. In the future, with the increase of labor, paper and ink, the investment cost is not low in the long run. Although the one-time investment cost of electronic price tag is relatively large, because of the change in the cloud of MTAG electronic price tag, one person can complete the work of price change for many people, so it can save a lot of manpower and time, and can reduce the overall operating cost of retail stores. The price of electronic price tag changes rapidly, accurately and timely. Retailers can adjust commodity prices flexibly, give full play to the role of price in stimulating consumer demand, so as to improve the efficiency of stores. Some experts have calculated that the use of electronic price tag system can save more than 200000 yuan for large and medium-sized supermarkets every year. Sertag's ESL electronic price tag system is based on low-power Bluetooth 5.0 technology and consists of MTAG electronic price tag + Bluetooth intelligent gateway + Intelligent retail platform. It can realize the remote one key price change of management platform, and the price can be synchronized to ERP, cash register and line. Go to the shopping center, go online and offline.

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