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electronic shelf labels in different retail stores

electronic shelf labels in different retail stores

April 23,2020
Nowadays, the powerful electronic shelf label is more and more widely used in the retail industry. 
Fresh goods in the fresh supermarket account for a large proportion, and the price needs to be adjusted several times a day. If traditional paper labels are used, the operation and maintenance costs are very high.2.4G wireless digital price tag can not only simplify the steps of price change, make the price change more intelligent, faster and accurate, but also connect to online shopping mall, app and ERP system, realize the real-time synchronization of commodity price and realize the opening of online and offline. 
In order to attract and retain customers, small and medium-sized supermarkets often carry out promotional activities. Products in the fields of vegetables, fruits, cooked foods, pastries and so on need to be adjusted in time at different times. The rapid and convenient price change mode of electronic price tag can complete the price change of bulk goods in a short time, realize dynamic pricing, and facilitate the real-time promotion activities of large and medium supermarkets. 

Chain supermarkets and convenience stores have many stores, many areas and difficult management. The use of paper price labels is not conducive to the unified management of the headquarters. MTAG electronic price tag can realize the centralized management or distribution management of regional chain stores under the headquarters. The headquarters can manage the electronic price tags of all stores on the intelligent retail platform, and adjust the prices uniformly; it can also distribute the management authority of the electronic price tags to various regions or independent stores, so that they can manage the price changes of products themselves, and then view the price change records of the electronic price tags in the background. In this way, it will be very easy for the headquarters to control the price of the products in the store. At present, gorilla convenience store, convenience bee convenience store, easy express and other chain convenience stores have begun to use electronic price tags./pid18255270/2-9-inch-2-4G-wireless-digital-price-tag-E-ink-Electronic-Shelf-Label-with-black-white-and-red.htm
The unmanned supermarket and the unmanned convenience store, as the name implies, are the unmanned retail stores that operate 24 hours a day. The one button cloud price intelligent price change method on the electronic price tag is conducive to the remote control of cloud store commodity prices by the unmanned supermarket and the unmanned convenience store. At present, Jingdong x unmanned supermarket, bingo box unmanned convenience store and Auchan unmanned supermarket have begun to use electronic price tags.
Electronic price tag can be used not only in the above retail stores, but also in clothing stores, 3C electronic stores, warehouses, pharmacies, cosmetics stores and other retail stores. In the future, electronic price tags with more perfect functions will be widely used in China.

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