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The technology used in supermarket electronic shelf labels

The technology used in supermarket electronic shelf labels

Issue Time:2020/04/29
The bluetooth electronic shelf labels is connected with base station and Internet platform through Bluetooth, 2.4G and other wireless communication technologies. Supermarket employees can change the display content of the electronic price tag screen through the Internet platform. The electronic price tag based on Bluetooth technology has faster refresh rate and more stable transmission, which can refresh the price information of goods quickly to meet the needs of supermarkets and improve the efficiency of commodity price change. Generally speaking, Sertag bluetooth electronic price tag has the following advantages:
1. Security: Bluetooth 5.0 communication protocol, connection encryption                                                                                                                                           2. Fast refresh: compared with other 2.4G, infrared and 433MHz ESL, the refresh speed of Bluetooth sertag electronic price tag is faster, and the electronic price tag within 20000 blocks can be refreshed for 30 minutes / time;
3. Low power consumption: ultra low power electronic paper screen, almost zero power consumption in static operation;
4. Long service life: button battery power supply, stable voltage, long power, / 5 times a day charging, battery service life more than 5 years; back design humanized knob, beautiful and practical, easy to remove the back cover, easy to replace the battery
5. Clear display: high quality electronic paper screen, high contrast, dot matrix pixel display, fluent and clear font, not limited by language; screen angle of view is close to 180 °, better display effect; display area can be customized and edited;
6. Good user experience: QR code, bar code and NFC realize online and offline interaction to give customers a better shopping experience.

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