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Realization of electronic shelf labels management

Realization of electronic shelf labels management

Issue Time:2020/05/09
   With the continuous development and mature application of new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of things and artificial intelligence, the digital transformation of various industries has been deepened. In the digital context, traditional retail giants such as RT mart, Yonghui, Carrefour and other Internet giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Jingdong are jointly engaged in digital transformation.
  In the past few decades, the management of physical retail stores has continued the trad itional manual management, and the management of shelves also completely relies on manual.
  The introduction of the new retail concept has accelerated the digital process of all kinds of retail stores. In order to reduce the labor cost and realize the digital management of shelves, some retail stores have begun to use intelligent electronic price tag instead of traditional paper price tag as the display tool of commodity price information.
So, how does electronic price tag realize the digital management of shelves?
First of all, the electronic price tag is changed on the cloud platform of the computer end, so employees do not need to change the price tag one by one on the commodity shelf. After receiving the price change instruction through the Bluetooth intelligent gateway, the  bluetooth electronic shelf labels  will automatically refresh, display the latest price, and complete the price change. The electronic price tag has successfully incorporated the shelf into the computer program and simplified the process of product price change. Its intelligent price change method based on cloud computing has changed the situation of manually changing price tags, greatly reduced human resources, and improved the efficiency of retail store operation.
Secondly, the cloud platform management of the MTAG electronic price tag can open the API interface and JSON data connection method to promote the price and inventory of products sold through retail channels with the retail management system, ERP system, etc., and realize the real-time synchronization of storage and app side product information. By using electronic price tag, retail stores can manage ERP system, online shopping mall and app in a unified way, effectively improving management efficiency.
Finally, with the help of electronic price tag and LED lights, retail store employees can turn on the LED lights of ESL  Digital Price tags on the cloud platform to flash, red, blue and green LED lights can display price tags in different states, and realize inventory reminders. Promotion tips and other functions. Due to the one-to-one binding relationship between goods and electronic price tag, using the LED light function of electronic price tag, store employees can quickly locate the location of goods and timely supplement the goods on the shelf. It can achieve better publicity effect.

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