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Electronic shelf labels make huge change to supermarket

Electronic shelf labels make huge change to supermarket

Issue Time:2020/05/14
     Supermarkets such as Walmart and Carrefour have started using electronic price tags, which can replace the traditional paper price tags. The Electronic Price Tag successfully integrates the shelf into the computer program, and helps the supermarket realize the intelligent management of commodity price. 
    Bluetooth electronic shelf labels in the supermarket application value is paper price tag can not be compared. A small electronic price tag can bring four changes to a supermarket. Beautify the image to enhance the experience, the traditional paper price tag display effect of various, not conducive to the unity of style. 
     Bluetooth digital price tags uniform product appearance and display, uniform style, can be customized brand identity, in the visual appearance, clean, can beautify the image of supermarkets, enhance brand awareness. Electronic Price Tag using electronic paper screen, screen angle close to 180. It has high contrast, Dot Matrix Pixel display, smooth and clear font, better display effect. You can also display the origin and grade of the product. More comprehensive information such as inventory, pictures, barcodes and interactive qr codes can be used as a reference for consumers to enhance their shopping experience. SMART PRICING, real-time Promotion, in the morning and Evening Market Promotion, the supermarket needs to replace the Price Tag. If paper price tags are used, they need to be replaced one by one on the shelf, which takes at least 2 minutes. So many labels need to be replaced, the workload is too heavy to achieve real-time promotion. MTAG   
 Epaper eink tags price changes very convenient and fast. Supermarket staff can make real-time price changes through background operations, can easily determine the price changes in a short period of time, to achieve flexible pricing and real-time promotion. 
   Electronic Price Tag flexible and intelligent way to change prices, convenient for supermarkets to carry out daily morning and evening market promotion. The number of promotional items can be increased at will, greatly enhancing the ability to attract customers. Low error rate, reduce disputes, the replacement of paper price tag with a higher human error rate, with data verification function of Electronic Price Tag in the management platform to check whether the success of the refresh, to prevent price tag error or update missing. 
  The fixed installation method of  electronic price tag is not as easy as the ordinary paper price tag off the shelf, to avoid the price tag and product one-to-one corresponding to the customer trouble, to avoid customer disputes, thus improving the credibility of the supermarket. Reduce Manpower and material resources, save operating costs, if the supermarket uses a one-time paper price tag, each price change requires a large number of manual replacement, which not only consumes a large number of labor, but also consume a large number of paper materials. 

 Electronic Price Tag using electronic paper screen, can change the price repeatedly, the background of a key update, one person can complete the price of more than one replacement. China electronic shelf labels intelligent, electronic price changes, to minimize the human and material resources, greatly saving the costs of the supermarket.

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