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Sertag electronic shelf label creates a groundbreaking tool for new retail

Sertag electronic shelf label creates a groundbreaking tool for new retail

Jul 8,2020
eink epaper display tag
    After the ups and downs of last year, the retail industry began a large-scale transformation and upgrading. With "outside windows" electronic price tag products, the consumer shopping experience has changed from single to interactive, the overall store layout is more technological and unified, and retail brand managers have more convenient and effective control of product data operations.
     Sertag is the first electronic price tag solution provider using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Has perfect solution equipment and services. We can provide electronic price tags of various sizes and colors for customers to choose according to their needs. Low-power Bluetooth gateway and self-developed ESL cloud platform, complete installation equipment and installation services allow customers to worry-free after purchasing products, so what are the practical functions of electronic price tags in the cloud, to help customers in the retail industry to achieve convenient and effective management?
The Sertag electronic price tag solution can provide customers with a free API interface to meet the needs of most retail customers for data communication between the electronic price tag system and the cash register system. The system docking with the domestic cooperative cash register system allows users to enter and change product information in the cash register system, so the electronic price tag can automatically change the content and keep it consistent with the cash register system in a timely manner. platform. For retail customers, commodity management saves time and effort. In order to respond to the actual technical needs of customers, the cloud price electronic price tag solution also supports docking with other systems, such as inventory systems, ERP, etc., so that customers do not need to worry about repeated and cumbersome system operations during use.
    Sertag electronic  shelf label  tri-color LED lights can help customers in the retail industry to manage products in their daily lives. NFC-enabled near-field payment allows consumers to experience more interesting payment scenarios. Three-color LED lamp product management is more efficient and clear. Through the flashing electronic price tag, you can directly find the corresponding goods, and increase the picking speed of supermarket convenience stores. On the other hand, the eink epaper display tags  are battery-powered. The battery life is 5 years. When the battery is used up, you can replace the battery and work again for a long time. The time-saving, labor-saving, efficient and convenient features of electronic price tags are the reasons why they are favored by giants in the retail industry. The built interactive consumer shopping scene upgrades the previous shopping scene and further reflects the new focus on consumer demand for consumer service experience.

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