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Electronic Shelf Labels Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

Electronic Shelf Labels Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

Issue Time:2020/10/23
Adjusting prices on paper labels is time-consuming.It takes a lot of people to maintain the paper price tag, but mistakes are still inevitable.Incorrect pricing can result in late closing, consumer complaints and higher operating costs.
Electronic Shelf  labels (ESL) is on the rise thanks to the expansion of the Internet of Things.ESL at Sertag simplifies network deployment using AN AP that supports Bluetooth, RF, and other Internet of Things technologies.
Traditional ESL deployments are expensive.It USES wireless and other ESL networks that require separate maintenance systems.Sertag reduces costs by using 2.4g / 433M wireless spectrum to fuse Wi-Fi.
The Sertag digital price tags's base station is built into a networking suite.And it transmits accurate price information directly from the management system to eink dislpay tags.Prices can be changed on demand and displayed electronically in real time./pid18195730/4-2inch-bluetooth-esl-supermarket-digital-shelf-label-digital-price-tags.htm

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