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The benefits of electronic shelf labeling in retail

The benefits of electronic shelf labeling in retail

October 28,2020
Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are increasingly used to display product prices in stores.The wireless retail solution is usually connected to the front of the shelf, relies on battery power, and USES electronic ink to indicate to shoppers the current price of the product.
Behind the scenes, these prices are updated by the central console that runs the tag management software, and the communication gateway sends any and all changes continuously to the tag network.To maintain ESL's cost-effectiveness, the network must provide the required range and speed, while maintaining low power requirements.Due to the proliferation of radio-frequency (RF-) enabled IoT devices, more and more retailers are looking for ways to meet these requirements.
In fact, a variety of retailers, including many of the top global department stores, supermarkets, and pharmacies, already use digital price tags.What's more, the electronic price tags market is growing fast
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