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The value of electronic shelf labels in supermarket

The value of electronic shelf labels in supermarket

Issue Time:2020/11/01

Potential benefits that retailers could gain from adopting digital price tags include dynamic centralized pricing: With centralized pricing, all price points are controlled and adjusted using software on a central workstation (this is often actively coordinated with regional or enterprise-level price fluctuations).This is more efficient, more accurate and more economical than manually adjusting prices
It can also achieve dynamic pricing, in which prices are set according to a range of factors -- rising to meet demand or allowing for low inventories;Drop to a competitor's price, or quickly sell products near their shelf life.In-store heat maps: Equipped with connectivity via communication technologies such as low-power Bluetooth beacons, Electronic tags can track consumer behavior in the store.The tag management software can then generate a heat map of the store's floor plan, showing areas of high traffic and recording the products contained therein.Automated inventory management: Inventory management is one of the biggest headaches for retailers, and automated processes can yield significant savings.E-commerce systems can be integrated with sales management software, enabling retailers to track low inventory levels more accurately and gain immediate insight into when new inventory will be available.The display can also be configured to display a QR code, taking consumers directly to online shopping options.To sum up, in order to realize these potential benefits, the e-ink price tags system needs to be rolled out on the right technical basis.As mentioned above, low power consumption is a necessary condition for ESL cost efficiency.Similarly, esl system needs to have enough scalability, in order to connect the hundreds or even thousands of nodes together ー ー also promotes effective communication between stores of any size.Finally, especially with hacking attacks against well-known retailers, retailers must ensure that security is a top priority as they continue to expand their digital portfolios.Sertag is a technology company specializing in electronic shelf price tags. With many years of r&d and production capacity, Sertag electronic price tags can provide customers with a variety of solutions to realize intelligent retail scenarios and warehousing solutions./pid18255268/7-5-inch-2-4G-wireless-digital-price-tag-E-ink-Electronic-Shelf-Label-with-black-white-and-red.htm

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