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Why a System-on-a-Chip Solution Is a Good Choice

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Why a System-on-a-Chip Solution Is a Good Choice

Issue Time:2020-11-10
Fortunately, system-on- a-chip (SoC) wireless connectivity technology provides a reliable, comprehensive solution for retailers.When designed with multi-protocol compatibility in mind, SoC wireless connectivity technology can help address the power, security, and cost requirements associated with effective ESL implementation.
For example, SoC wireless connectivity technology is well suited for secure, reliable connections in large stores.Deploying an RF connection network is often the easiest way to integrate hundreds of digtial price tags into a single network, and an increasing number of SoC products are equipped with RF signal processing capabilities.
Rf-enabled Electronic tag is not only more secure than traditional systems, but can also promote better, more reliable connections./pid18255286/2-13inch-Ble-Electronic-Shelf-Labels-E-ink-Price-Tag-For-Grocery-Stores.htm
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