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How can Sertag electronic shelf labels system help you

How can Sertag electronic shelf labels system help you

Issue Time:2020/12/21
Sertag can provide retail-focused developers with the support they need to bring their powerful and cost-effective electrical systems sub-shelf tagging system to their stores.Sertag's SoC wireless connectivity technology utilizes IEEE 802.15.4, an ideal low-power IoT communication protocol for ESL applications.Because ESL does not need to stream data continuously - they only need to be able to record occasional changes - battery-powered wireless tags may last for years without maintenance.
Sertag also supports the development of custom protocols on top of IEEE 802.15.4.This means that retailers can get the dedicated functionality they need to fit their infrastructure and optimize their workflow.This includes exciting integration with other Internet of Things devices such as lighting and motion sensors.Imagine a truly "smart" retail space where ESL interacts seamlessly with other systems.As a result, the labor costs of retailers can be minimized while the customer experience can be improved exponentially.

Sertag's electronic shelf tag solutions offer excellent network stability.This is essential because the store-wide wireless network is made up of thousands of ESL nodes, so the performance of the gateway and the response speed of the ESL nodes are much higher.Sertag's solution allows multiple gateways to work simultaneously in a single deployment area - one gateway can connect up to thousands of tags - each gateway uses a different frequency.In addition, the same label can be connected to both gateways simultaneously, support gateway time synchronization, and refresh multiple nodes simultaneously at a refresh rate of less than two seconds.
Electronic shelf labeling currently comes in many forms (many of which have been preserved for decades), but Sertag offers clear features, performance, and interoperable connectivity advantages that will make electronic tags systems more attractive to tech-savvy retailers./pid18255268/7-5-inch-2-4G-wireless-digital-price-tag-E-ink-Electronic-Shelf-Label-with-black-white-and-red.htm

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