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Rapid growth in retail is driving electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Rapid growth in retail is driving electronic shelf labels (ESL)

Issue Time:2021/01/27
  Due to the development of the retail industry, the digital eink price tag market has become a major market segment.The presence of major electronics manufacturers has led to the growth of retail stores and further increased consumption of digital e-paper price tag.Sertag has developed an intelligent electronic price tags  solution that optimizes store management processes and reduces price error complaints for retailer owners.This solution improves shelf management efficiency by providing owners with guidance for placing items on the appropriate shelves.
The electronic shelf label market is expected to be dominant within the forecast period.Electronic shelf tags integrated with RF technology provide uninterrupted signal and flash storage capacity.Implementing the RF platform in developing ESL products improves latency, operational stability, safety and speed, thereby benefiting users and saving on energy bills.
With the development of a large retail facility in China, hypermarkets are expected to generate significant revenue in the electronic shelf label market.The increasing spending power of consumers in emerging economies has led to the development of these stores giving the industry a further boost.
Currently, the main players in China's shelf label market include Sertag.Major manufacturers have developed new product development and partner strategies to dominate and sustain industry competition./pid18203195/2-9-Inch-New-Retail-Solution-2-4G-Digital-Price-Tag-E-ink-Electronic-Shelf-Label-Wifi.htm

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