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Electronic shelf tags show a new model of retail movement

Electronic shelf tags show a new model of retail movement

Issue Time:2021/06/05
The use of electronic price tags is seen as an important measure to improve operational efficiency.They mainly appear in supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, 3C stores and other retail scenes with different price types and high frequency of price changes.The electronic price tag looks like a small screen and shows the customer the name of the product, the place of origin, the price and other information.The function display is basically parallel to the traditional paper price tag. However, since the electronic digital tag can be connected with the computer database of the shopping mall, the latest commodity information, such as the actual inventory of goods, can be displayed on the display screen.

Replacing paper price tags with electronic ones could result in significant annual savings.Price changes are more frequent when merchants launch a series of promotional activities to improve customer attraction and profitability.If you use electronic price tag to change the product information, the time is shorter and more efficient.The unified replacement of the computer background also helps to avoid the possible change of commodity information error under manual replacement.
In addition, since ESLs are usually managed in the background through the Internet, it can also realize the use of different price tags and the query of product information displayed on the screen in the background.Just as each item has its own unique ID, so does the location of different items in the store.When the quantity of goods on the shelf is insufficient, the replenisher can directly locate to the specific shelf for timely replenishment.The use of electronic price tags has also sped up delivery.
Compared with the traditional paper price tag, the epaper display tag plays a more important role in enhancing the user's sense of use.Because the digital shelf tag has the uniform appearance and the specification, the consumer is clear at a glance more beautiful neat;The stronger electronic price tag will not be removed from the shelves like the paper price tag, avoiding the trouble that the product cannot be one-to-one corresponding due to the price tag;Some consumers believe that digital characters on electronic price tags are easier to distinguish, and the improved visual Angle eliminates the need for customers to constantly bend over to read the price tags.

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