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How is the application of NFC

How is the application of NFC

Issue Time:2021/07/12
NFC devices can be used as contactless smart cards, smart card reader terminals and device data transmission links. NFC applications can be divided into four basic types. For applications such as access control or flow/activity ticket checking, users only need to place the device with the ticket or access code close to the reader. It can also be used for simple data collection applications, such as reading URLs from smart tags on posters, contacting and confirming. For applications like mobile payments, users must enter a password to confirm the transaction, or only accept the transaction. Contact and contact. By connecting two NFC devices, point-to-point network data transmission can be realized, such as downloading music, exchanging images, or synchronizing address books. Contact and explore. NFC devices can provide multiple functions. Consumers can explore the functions of NFC devices and discover the potential functions and services of NFC devices.
1. NFC smart media
For NFC-equipped phones, users can access rich information or download related content through the reader function.Smart Media has a low-cost RFID tag (embedded or attached to a poster) that can be read by the phone to find a variety of services in the current environment.The phone can initiate a mobile network service request and immediately scale up the carrier's network traffic.Operators can invest in such "instant gratification" tools to increase revenue through ringtone downloads, mobile games and other premium services.
2. NFC is used for payment and ticket purchase
The trend for NFC is to take full advantage of mobile capabilities and mobile networks, while providing both card readers and device-to-device connectivity.The use of contactless smart card payments is growing in the United States and the Asia-Pacific region.The payment programs built into credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express can be stored securely in a secure IC on the device.In this way, NFC phones can leverage existing payment infrastructure to support new services from mobile companies.
3. Electronic tickets use NFC
An e-ticket is a right to use that is stored in an electronic form and purchased to gain admission to an entertainment venue.The entire electronic ticketing process takes only a few seconds, making it easy and convenient for consumers.After collecting and confirming the consumer's payment information, the e-ticket is automatically transmitted to the consumer's phone or security chip.The user puts his mobile phone near the ticketing terminal and begins the transaction.The user fully interacts with the service device and completes the purchase process by confirming the transaction on the phone.When going to an entertainment venue, users simply place their phone near a reader installed on the turnstile at the entrance, which is verified to be valid and then allowed to enter.

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