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What is the PTL (pick to light) system and where are its advantages?

What is the PTL (pick to light) system and where are its advantages?

Issue Time:2021/10/25
A simple picking and picking system that simplifies the picking efficiency of your system picking, while improving efficiency and efficiency, reducing the efficiency of picking, and reducing costs. And efficiency, while reducing costs. It uses memories and buttons in storage locations to guide employees to make choices under auxiliary support, placement, classification, and overall.
The standard technique works like this:
The operator scans the attachments of items on the container, such as a shipping carton. The system will indicate how many and which items need to be selected. In the container.
It can be seen that the PTL system can also provide other options. In addition to the LED display, selecting the light also provides a confirmation button and more detailed descriptions and options. For example, the system you choose may allow employees to record basic data, such as the size of the goods; other systems may specify special instructions, order numbers, regional directions, and other information.

What are the benefits of the PTL system for your warehousing?
In terms of warehousing operations, the PTL system is a good tool that can increase productivity and efficiency, and reduce picking errors. There are more important roles below.
Use Depending on the size and complexity of the warehouse, traditional picking training for operators may take hours or even longer. With an efficient lighting system, you can reduce training time.
integrated. You can integrate the PTL system with the existing warehouse management system (WMS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or other host systems to better control the warehouse. A more advanced point picking system can generate a point picking rate report, analyze productivity and other indicators, explain the difference in the size of the work space, and illustrate the labor demand for production orders.
efficient. The PTL system is usually organized by your existing work space, which helps reduce walking, thereby increasing efficiency. In addition, if the order needs to pass through multiple workspaces, the “pick to light” system will follow this sequence, helping to reduce idle time.
Paperless. Combined with the benefits of increased efficiency, it is important to pay attention to the benefits of paperless picking systems. Operators do not need to read paper records, which saves time.
accuracy. The biggest benefit of the light picking system is to reduce the light picking error. Help us improve order performance and attract our customers.
cost. The biggest cost of traditional pick-up methods is warehouse operations. Then, when you implement a PTL system with fewer walks, shorter order fulfillment time, and higher order accuracy, these factors will bring major benefits to your warehouse.

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