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Sertag Bluetooth Electronic Shelf Labels For A Variety Of Functions

Sertag Bluetooth Electronic Shelf Labels For A Variety Of Functions

February 10,2022
Sertag Bluetooth Electronic Shelf Labels For A Variety Of Functions 
First, the electronic shelf labels of Sertag have the function of displaying the price.  
Secondly, Sertag ble digital price tags can promote sales. Sertag bluetooth digital price tag can adjust colors based on brand colors or promotions, and uses bright colors (such as red) to highlight promotional messages and attract consumers' attention.  At present, there are many kinds of ble bluetooth digital price tags. Customers may choose different sizes of price tags according to the size of display contents.  For example: 1.54 inch electronic shelf labels , 2.13 inch electronic shelf labels , 4.2 inch electronic shelf labels , 7.5 inch electronic shelf labels , at the same time we also have large color electronic shelf labels for the vegetable and fruit section and 3C section of the hypermarket.  
Thirdly, Sertag bluetooth digital price tag can provide interfaces for system integrators, who can carryout secondary development and integrate store maps according to the characteristics of bluetooth to build an automatic positioning system for retail stores. Sertag 's bluetooth electronic shelf label assists consumers in product positioning and navigation through smart phones or interactive digital billboards in stores, improving store picking efficiency.  

Finally, Sertag bluetooth digital price tag can enhance customers' efficient shopping experience. When Sertag Bluetooth shelf labels are integrated with O2O.  During peak shopping season, customers can direct online shopping by scanning a QR code on the ESL. ESL is like an online channel entrance, directing offline people to online consumption, improving consumers' shopping satisfaction and collecting consumption trajectory data.  At the same time in offline stores to promote online limited time promotions, Sertag bluetooth  digital price tag can also achieve real-time/real-time promotion.  
Therefore, Sertag electronic shelf labels solution has realized the real-time and synchronous update of omni-channel pricing, which has become a key support tool for the development of new retail omni-channel.  
Of  course , Sertag is a professional electroic shelf labels manufacturer,it can provide different electronic tags ,such as retail electronic shef labels ,warehouse electronic tags , meeting room tags and so on. 
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