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Sertag electronic shelf labels promote the development of smart supermarkets

Sertag electronic shelf labels promote the development of smart supermarkets

Issue Time:2022/05/10
The use of electronic shelf labels is seen by some stores as a positive move that can help the retail industry improve operational efficiency. Especially during the epidemic, the advantages of electronic shelf labels are becoming more and more obvious. Using Sertag's electronic shelf label system can greatly improve work efficiency and avoid infections caused by workers gathering.
1. The name, origin, price and other information of the product can be displayed to customers through the electronic shelf label. Compared with the paper price tag, the displayed content is more comprehensive and intuitive.
2. The display of use functions is basically parallel to the traditional paper price tag, but because the electronic price tag can be connected with the computer database of the shopping mall, the latest product information, such as the actual inventory of goods, can be displayed on the screen. Sertag's electronic shelf label adopts BLE 2.4G solution, the system is stable, the refresh speed is fast, and it is the most cost-effective solution among all supermarket price tags。
3. At the same time, it can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce errors caused by human factors.
4. At the same time, when merchants carry out a series of promotional activities in order to attract customers and improve profitability, due to the frequency of price changes, if electronic price tags are used to uniformly change product information, it will take less time and be more efficient. high.
5. Sertag electronic price tags play a more prominent role in enhancing users' sense of use. Electronic price tags all have a uniform appearance and size, and consumers look more beautiful and tidy at a glance; electronic price tags that are installed more firmly will not fall off the shelves like paper price tags.
6. Sertag Technology Co.,Ltd In addition to the electronic shelf labels of the electronic paper display screen, there are also colored electronic shelf labels, which are more helpful to improve the sales promotion ability of the store, and thus achieve the improvement of sales performance.
In short,  retail electronic shelf labels are accepted by more brick-and-mortar businesses, and there is huge room for development!
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