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Sertag 13.3 inch WIFI E-ink Electronic Tag Is On The Market

Sertag 13.3 inch WIFI E-ink Electronic Tag Is On The Market

Issue Time:2022/07/11
 As we all know, due to technical barriers such as high power consumption of Wifi protocol products and complex protocol coding, there are very few manufacturers that develop and produce WIFI electronic labels , so the market share of WIFI electronic tags is very small. However, in the solution of conference table card system and hospital electronic price tag, the solution of WIFI electronic label is better than other solutions.
Sertag has been committed to the research and development of WIFI digital smart tags in recent years, constantly overcoming the technical barriers of WIFI, and developed 7.5-inch and 10.2-inch WIFI electronic labels. In response to the needs of our customers, the 1.3.3-inch WIFI E-ink electronic house plate was launched in early July this year.

Its characteristics are as follows:
1. Ultra low power consumption,One charge for one year.
2. Simple installation method without wiring.
3. real time online communication based on standard WiFi network
(no need to deploy base stations)
4. E-ink display technology
We can not only provide the whole system, we can also provide API interface for system integrators
Here is the interface docking mode,as below:
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