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Electronic Shelf Labels Manufacturer

Dalian SertagTechnology Co.,Ltd. is a professional visualintelligent tag system manufacture which has rich experiences in visual tagdevelopment, design, deployment and maintenance. And also be the first batch ofintelligent tag R&D and design company in China

Sertag commits toprovide turnkey solution of visual intelligent tag system  to our customer abide by “Customer-oriented”business philosophy, and dedicates for the development of the global internet,retail, manufacturing, warehousing and logistics industry .

From the systemquality stability, system cost, product appearance and other aspects of thedefinition of product characteristics, to provide customers with the mostreliable, the best cost-effective intelligent tag system. Help customers toreduce costs, improve work efficiency, improve customer competitiveness.

Electronic Shelf Label Solutions for Retail

It can integrated with POS/ERP system and Instead the traditional paper price tag to help save labor cost, imporveoperational efficiency & store image, increase sales.

1.Paperless price information management

2.Interact with consumers, enhance shoppingexperience, increase sales volume

3.Reduce operating costs, improveoperational efficiency and store image


5.Real-time price change, low error rate,reduce customer complaints

6.Dock with POS system, get real-time priceinformation

Why Choose Us

Sertag technology Co.,Ltd has a shelf sticker for many years engaged in the electronic research and development, production, sales and maintenance team, with rich experience in product development, strong technical strength, the independent research and development of excellent performance, stable and reliable electronic shelf label system, and on this basis, expanding the product added value, for customers to provide more value-added services to improve the user experience

Customer Case

All customers are focusing on quality, while the diverse needs of the market faster. We have experienced and highly innovative research and development team capabilities, adhere to quality, innovation, to meet different customer needs, providing customers with the most satisfactory products   Small MOQ Available Fast Producing High quality at a low price Perfect Match Urgent Worldwide Shipment Experienced Services.


Small MOQ Available Fast Producing High quality at a low price Perfect Match Urgent Worldwide Shipment Experienced Services.

One-stop Electronic Shelf Label Provider