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3.5inch Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label, Support Customizable E-paper Electronic Label Template

3.5inch Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label, Support Customizable E-paper Electronic Label Template

3.5inch Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label, Support Customizable E-paper Electronic Label Template
Categories2.4G Electronic Shelf Labels
BrandSertag Electronic shelf labels Manufacturer
ModelElectronic Shelf Tag SETRV3-0350-55
Display Size3.5inch
Communication Band2.4G
Wireless Communication DistanceCommunication radius 12~15m
Dimensions101mm(H) ×50mm(V)×12mm(D)
Display Resolution384(H)×184(V)
Battery LifeNot less than 5 years, Replaceable
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Update TimeMay 26,2024
Detail Information
Upgrade your retail operations with the cutting-edge 2.4G Electronic Shelf Labels system. This advanced solution revolutionizes how you manage pricing and product information, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and enhanced customer experiences.
3.5inch Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label, Support Customizable E-paper Electronic Label Template
Experience the power of wireless connectivity and real-time information management with our 2.4G Electronic Ink Label. These labels enable you to streamline pricing strategies, improve operational efficiency, and enhance the overall shopping experience for your customers. With seamless integration into your existing systems, the labels can be easily updated with the latest pricing, promotions, or product details, saving time and reducing errors.
3.5 inch digital price tags
● Wireless 2.4G Connectivity: Seamlessly communicate and update the electronic price label information wirelessly within your store's network, enabling real-time updates and synchronization.

● E-Paper Display: High-contrast, low-power E-paper display ensures readability in various lighting conditions while conserving energy.

● Integration Capability: Easily integrates with existing inventory and pricing systems, allowing effortless information updates across all electronic labels simultaneously.

● Customizable Templates: Tailor labels to match your brand's aesthetics and easily switch between various templates for different product categories.

● Long Battery Life: Extended battery life ensures minimal maintenance, lasting up to 5 years without replacements.
Screen Size
3.5 inch
Communication Protocol
Private Protocol
Communication Distance
Communication radius 12~15m
Display Resolution
101mm(H) ×50mm(V)×12mm(D)
Active Area
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
View Angle
Battery Life
Not less than 5 years, Replaceable
Replaceable Batteries
Display Color
Black, white and red
3.5inch Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label Features
● Low Energy Consumption: Ensures minimal power consumption, significantly reducing energy costs for your store.

● Visible from 180°: Enjoy the advantage of clear visibility from virtually any angle. 

● Scannable QR Codes and Images: Enhance customer engagement and convenience with scannable QR codes and images on our digital price tags.

● Flashing LED Lights: For added attention or special promotions, our digital price tags can be equipped with flashing LED lights. 

● CE & RoHS Certification: This certification ensures that our digital price tags meet European safety standards and are free from hazardous materials, assuring both quality and safety.

● Fully Customizable: Our 2.4G electronic shelf labels are fully customizable, allowing for tailored settings and personalized displays to suit your unique store layout and branding needs.
Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label Solution — System Architecture
wirless digital smart labels
Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label Access Point
Click the following pictures to get more information about the 2.4G electronic shelf label access point.
✔ Communication band is 2.4G
✔ Real-time price change
✔ Lower error rate
✔ Docking system with enterprise management system
✔ Perfect for the retails, warehouses and logistics management
✔ Cloud or local Server based options
2.4G Electronic Shelf Label Access Point
2.4G Electronic Shelf Label Access Point
3.5inch Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label Download
2.4G 3.5 inch Electronic Shelf Label SETRV3-0350-55 Specification
eRetail3.1 Deployment Documentation
eRetail3.1 Docking Scheme Documentation
eRetail3.1 Online Template Tool
Sertag eRetail3.1 System Integration Manual
Sertag eRetail3.1 User Manual
MQTT AP Operation Documentation
Sertag Linux eRetail3.1 Installation
Sertag Electronic Shelf Labels Production Introduction and Company Profile
Wireless 2.4G Digital Smart Label Customer Case 
The 2.4G ESL system transforms your retail environment by streamlining pricing and information management. Applications include:

Price Updates: Instantly update prices across all labels in your store, ensuring consistency and accuracy without manual intervention.
Product Information: Display detailed product descriptions, promotions, QR codes, and images for customer engagement and information access.
Inventory Management: Effortlessly manage inventory by linking labels to stock levels and automatically updating availability.
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