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Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)Market Size Analysis

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)Market Size Analysis

Issue Time:2021/03/01
The global market for electronic shelf labels is expected to reach $1,251.4 million by 2025, with a CAGR of 23.1% over the forecast period.The increasing implementation of IoT and cloud computing in the retail industry will contribute to the healthy growth of the market during the forecast period.In addition, increasing government initiatives for smart city development and the expansion of the Internet of Things industry will contribute positively to the electronic shelf label market during the forecast period.For example, the Chinese government's draft policy on the Internet of Things, which plans to develop 168 smart cities nationwide and allocates a budget, is a huge expense along with the rapid development of the Internet of Things in China.
Due to popular technologies such as liquid crystal e-paper, low power Bluetooth (BLE) and near field communication (NFC), we are all focusing on hypermarkets or supermarkets, and the forecast for 2021-2025 is positive, with most of the report mentioning several factors that have influenced the growth and share of the electronic shelf label market in recent years.
As well as providing insights about stimulating growth, it sheds light on some of the constraints on market growth.Sertag has some leading products and in-depth discussions on the competitive landscape.Market projections for the period from 2021 to 2025 have been provided.In addition, we recognize that the demand for these products and the application of products in the highest areas in recent years./pid18203195/2-9-Inch-New-Retail-Solution-2-4G-Digital-Price-Tag-E-ink-Electronic-Shelf-Label-Wifi.htm

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