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Sertag Cloud Electronic Price Tags (ESL) Solution

Sertag Cloud Electronic Price Tags (ESL) Solution

Issue Time:2021-04-21

Intelligent display: Cloud electronic shelf tag system updates prices in real time, switches templates according to the user, and displays various types of information, such as real-time inventory, product information, order status, display information and QR code.In addition, LED flashing lights can be used to alert retailers to promotions, out of stock and pickup.

Centralized Management: A cloud-based electronic shelf labels system manages product information, pricing information, promotional information, store structure, roles and permissions in a centralized system.

Interaction management: A cloud-based digital price tags  system allows offline customers to scan QR codes to access online resources and services.The cloud-based electronic price tagssystem provides value-added services such as display management, category optimization, intelligent picking and dynamic pricing, which enriches the customer shopping experience and improves customer conversion./pid18255270/2-9-inch-2-4G-Esl-Electronic-Shelf-Labels-Digital-Price-Tags-For-Grocery-Stores.htm

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