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Advantage Of the Sertag Pick To Light System ?

Advantage Of the Sertag Pick To Light System ?

Issue Time:2022/02/19
The warehouse lighting system is a powerful system, which can quickly and easily make accurate picking for you, improve efficiency, operate goods conveniently, and reduce costs at the same time.
What is pick to light technology ? 
Pick to light system  is a technique to improve precision and precision delivery, and at the same time precise and precise delivery.
What are the advantages of Sertag  pick to light  system?
1. Paperless is more environmentally friendly, PickToLight is paperless; using low e-ink screen technology, it is more classified and displayed in the use of digital display comparisons to guide employees in the workplace and the location of equipment, in helping manual selection, traditional , setup and installation,
2. Easy to operate  
Traditional picking training for operators can take hours or even longer, depending on the size and complexity of the warehouse.  With an efficient Sertag  pick to light system, training time can be greatly reduced.  

3. Improve efficiency and reduce labor costs
 Sertag pick-to-light systems are usually organized around your existing work area, which helps reduce walking and therefore increases efficiency. Additionally, if an order needs to go through multiple workspaces, your lighting system will follow that order, helping reduce idle time.
The Sertag paperless picking solution achieves fewer walks, shorter order fulfillment times, higher order accuracy, and greatly reduces labor costs. Sertag pick to light system easily pays for itself.
4. Flexible system integration
Sertag  can not only provide a complete set of pick to light system, but also provide API interface for system integrators to fully meet the different needs of customers. For more information, please click the link

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