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Sertag Electronic Shelf Labels Improve Customer Satisfaction

Sertag Electronic Shelf Labels Improve Customer Satisfaction

Issue Time:2022/03/25
  Currently, internationally, according to statistics, nearly 30,000 supermarkets have applied digital price tags . In Europe, the United States, Australia, Turkey, the Middle East, Asia, Japan, and South Korea, the market penetration rate has reached about 10%, while in relatively mature France, the market penetration rate has reached more than 30%.
   In recent years, Chinese supermarkets have also begun to experiment with the use of electronic shelf labels. Dalian Sertag Technology Co.,Ltd . has been committed to the promotion and application of electronic shelf labels, from the first generation of RF electronic shelf labels to the current three generations of bluetooth electronic shelf labels, constantly improving product performance, meeting customer needs, and winning domestic and foreign electronic label customers approved.

The following is the real case sharing of electronic shelf label customers:
A major supermarket chain started using Sertag 's electronic shelf labels a year ago, initially in small batches. But they did not expect that electronic  labels would greatly improve their work efficiency. Especially when there is a discount promotion, they only need to input the price that needs to be changed in the computer background; the original mode of counting the goods, paying cash and then changing the price has been cancelled, and now it can be completed simultaneously, saving a lot of manpower and material resources. At the same time, the streamlined shape design of Sertag digital price tags have also improved the quality of the entire store. In view of the many advantages of Sertag 's electronic shelf labels, the large supermarket chain continued to order, and all the remaining 15 stores used Sertag 's digital price tags ./pid18339761/Sertag-Retail-Electronic-Shelf-Labels-2-4G-2-13inch-BLE-Low-Power.htm
 Here I have to mention the cloud platform system of the Sertag electronic shelf label system. Deploy Steiger's electronic shelf label system on the cloud platform, which is managed and authorized by the head office. The content displayed on the electronic shelf label, such as: QR code, price, origin and other information can be modified uniformly on the cloud platform, which greatly reduces communication and labor costs. Avoid problems such as price inconsistencies caused by delays in receiving information at different stores. Unified management and reduction of labor costs have made this supermarket chain a leader among its peers, and it is expected to open three more stores next year.
In short, exceeding customer expectations has always been the service goal of Sertag Technology Co.,Ltd. Sertag 's three-generation bluetooth electronic shelf labels  has been put on the market, welcome to consult!

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