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Why choose Sertag Pick to Light System?

Why choose Sertag Pick to Light System?

March 29,2022
First, the Sertag Pick to Light system increases productivity and accuracy for production processes, warehouses and distribution centers.
Secondly, the Sertag Pick to Light system has been deployed in more than 60 countries all over the world and has received good feedback from customers.
Finally, Sertag Pick to Light has distinct advantages and features:
Easy to install for easy installation, each of our products has specific instructions and we have online support
Simple to use The operation is simple. From the operator's point of view, we simplify the operation steps so that the operator can operate flexibly
System Integration Integrate pick to light with an existing (WMS), (ERP), Supply chain management, or other host systems, for better warehouse controls.
Realize paperless standardized operations
Minimum Training is required With an efficient pick-to-light system , you can cut training down to 30-45minutes .
For more information about Pick to Light products, please visit our website to learn more /pid18339794/Sertag-Electronic-Warehouse-Labels-For-Pick-To-Light-System.htm

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