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Retail Electronic Shelf labels Solution

Retail Electronic Shelf labels Solution

Electronic Shelf Labels Solution
Electronic Shelf Labels Solution
Sertag Electronic Shelf Label Composition
Sertag Electronic Shelf Label Composition
Benefits of Sertag Electronic Shelf Label

● Full Range of Products

● Competitive Price 

● API Interface /Middleware Available 

● Sertag Electronic Shelf Labels System (Cloud Platform or Local Server)

● Online Technical Support, Professional Technical Documents

● Fast Delivery Time & Fast quote 

● Worldwide Shipping Experience 
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What is the operating frequency for electronic shelf labels (esl)?

As you known .we are professional electronic labels manufacturers.we have different solutions for different fields, such as supermarket , warehousing ,meeting room, digital intelligent medical care and so on.
So we have  Bluetooth  2.4GHz  operating frequency ,Rf 433Hz operating frequency  ,NFC 13.56Mhz operating frequency  and Wifi 802.11.b/g/n operating frequency.Welcome to contact with us , we will provide detail solution for you .
What is the battery life of retail electronic shelf labels ?
Sertag  electronic shelf labels are based on e-paper /e-ink technology. Sertag's electronic shelf labels feature high contrast and low power consumption. So if refreshed once a day, the battery life is 3-5 years.Sertag retail digital price tags  can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce errors. It is the development trend of future supermarkets.
Here are Sertag retail electronic shelf labels products ,please click the link
Is Sertag retail ESL solution application rpogram Interface (API) based on JSON data stream?
It is based on JSON data stream. Our eRetail 3.0 electronic shelf label system (eRetail 3.0) can be simply divided into three parts: DataSync / API、eRetail 3.0 and hardware devices. Among them, API is Restful style web API, which is responsible for providing interface for customer system to actively push commodity data; Data sync is a background service that actively grabs data from the customer system (such as database, WebAPI, Excel, etc.); SDK is responsible for managing commodity data, hardware equipment information, scheduling price change tasks etc. The hardware includes wireless communication base station, tag and related network equipment.Due to the actual project situation, it does not fully comply with the REST API specification.
Here are some technical documents for you , please click the link

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