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Patrol Location BLE Epaper Tags

Patrol Location BLE Epaper Tags

1. Dynamic QR code display for equipment inspection;
2. The main goal is to prevent the on-site personnel from cheating in patrol
inspection and ensure that they check in on the site;
3. Dynamic QR code can be automatically generated. The rule is that a fixed
string can be automatically added to the time frame and generate a QR code, and a new
QR code can be generated with the change of time. The QR code can be changed
regularly, such as setting 3600s to change once (cycle setting can be adjusted
manually), The content of the displayed QR code is "fixed string (pick0009) + time
For example: pick000920210601190705, the next hour after the QR code switch
display, the scan is: pick00092021061200710 (this is hour level change);
4. Modify and set the configuration data through android app;
5. Prompt of remaining power;
6. The minimum standby time is not less than 18 months when the interval is 1
7. The time of the tag can be synchronized on the mobile terminal, and the time
synchronization can be performed once through the app after the battery is replaced.
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