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The tecological digital link of the electronic shelf labels go deep into fresh food industry

The tecological digital link of the electronic shelf labels go deep into fresh food industry

Issue Time:2020/05/24
   2020 is bound to be an extraordinary year, because the cronovirus has increased the online demand for fresh food, accelerated the process of digital supply chain of fresh food industry, and the development of industrial Internet and digital information is the general trend of fresh food supply chain in the future. In the supremacy of big data, artificial intelligence and block chain technology, relying on industrial resources, we can get through all end node information, optimize the supply end and logistics Network, combined with big data mining and market insight, can fundamentally improve user experience, reduce costs and increase efficiency.
   The digitalization of fresh food industry is mainly divided into three stages: asset digitalization, including the transparency of production information such as people, vehicles, goods and warehouses; business flow segmentation scenario visualization, order scheduling, matching loading, vehicle on the way, arrival and delivery and other business scenarios information is more refined and transparent management; the whole industrial link is transparent and intensive, which involves the big data information collection of the whole industry And analysis, set production by sales, and reasonably plan production capacity. In these stages, the accuracy and timeliness of the link need visual display as a means of assistance and inspection, and the electronic shelf label will play a role at this time.
   The digital link of the whole industry is based on the interconnection and the Internet of things, and the visualization and real-time of information is based on the display of electronic shelf labels. No matter in the production line or the storage management process, the acquisition and accuracy of information is undoubtedly the key to the whole link. It is necessary to obtain reasonable information of production capacity from production, confirm the production batch, production time, and plan the integration Manage production capacity, and the inventory quantity, storage time, warehouse out and warehouse in information that need to be stored in distribution scheduling need to be accurate and real-time.
Link all the information chains, link all the business processes, let different roles in the chain use different digital systems, and ensure the whole data from the source of production to continue to be transmitted down the chain, which is an indispensable part of the fresh industry, while the electronic shelf label is a good carrier

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